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What is the affiliate program?

Treadstone Law corporate affiliates earn referral income for wills & estates services. This service is offered in partnership with Spark Technologies allowing you to receive automatic updates when an order is placed.

_The Process

How it Works

Step One: Apply

Speak to a Treadstone professional to complete the application process.

Step Two: Earn Money

Earn a referral fee every time someone receives wills & estates services through the spark technology platform.

Step Three: Grow Income

Receive ongoing support and resources to grow your referral income!

_Wills & Estates

Service Details

Completely Digital Services

Whether its a simple will or a complex estate strategy, our digital services means clients are able to receive services from the comfort of home.

In-Person Options

We understand some clients are not tech savvy. That is why we offer in-person options at our 30 offices across Ontario.

Simple Wills + Complex Estates

Whether clients need a simple will or a complex strategy, we offer comprehensive services.

Flat Fee Pricing

Our flat fee pricing means costs are predictable and affordable.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1Is the program open to anyone?
    Anyone can apply to become an affiliate. To ensure the highest level of quality and client experience, we do not accept everyone.
    2Do I receive a referral code?
    Yes! Your organization will receive a unique referral code. Pass that code along to your network and receive referral fees with every order.
    3When do I receive payments?
    You receive referral payments at the end of each month for all completed orders for that month.
    4Is the referral fee incurred at the time the order is placed?
    Referral fees are earned when the service is completed!
    5Do you offer other affiliate programs?
    Yes! We have a range of affiliate programs in partnership with Spark technologies.